Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back!!! it has been awhile since Ive written on here. Working in Accounting and being a Tax professional kind of keeps me busy between January and April. But now that its summer, I guess I can write from time to time. Since nobody really reads this, I guess I can say whatever I truely want. Lucky me. So...still single. And it still sucks lol. I'm trying to keep my options open a lil more nowadays. Not many girls have caught my eye lately, or at least I'm not catching theres. It seems like all the cute girls that I'd be interested in...are either married or close to it lol. So a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago was joking with me and mentioned guys...lil does she know... :) Like I said...keeping my options open!


iasa said...

being single does suck, well at least today. I'm sick and I want someone to take care of me.

MichaelJames said...

haha i know how that feels