Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm starting to really DISLIKE weddings....

Ok, so its bad enough that all my friends are either already married, engaged, or in serious relationships. Especially when, if things had gone to plan, I'd be planning a wedding right now. But whatever, everything happens for a reason I'm told... I have two weddings to go to this month alone. One from a good friend of mine from HS, and another a girl that I worked with back in the Fort Worth office, who is also a really good friend of mine outside of work. The date I had for the second wedding just canceled on me because she has to go to her brothers And the date for the first wedding, wont even confirm if she is going or not. I mean seriously...can I get some good luck please. I need 2010 to come fast.

2009 sucks.... Just in the past year alone, I have been to 3 weddings and have been invited to 5. I was in 2 of being my best friend of 23 years (I was the best man), the other being one of my best lady friends who I met at TCU (I was an usher). 2 of the weddings I couldn't attend because one was the same day and time as another and the other one...I just didn't really want to go. The first one I went to was a girl I have known since kindergarten. It was a tough one to attend, because at one point I had always thought me and her would eventually be together. The good thing, at that point, was that I had the love of my life sitting next to me. (how times have changed). So to sum up...5 weddings. 1 best friend, 3 girls that at one point had a lil thing for, and the other just a friend.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A time to be Thankful!!!

Its that time of the year when you sit back and think about all the things you are Thankful for. After this roller coaster of a year, I just want to say one thing...I am SO Thankful for ALL of my family, friends, and TCU Horned Frog Football!!! This year more than others, they have been a huge part of my life and I am grateful for all of them.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of the BEST football days far that is!!!

Ok seriously...I need to stop taking so long between posts.

Anyways, I need to describe this past weekend. Well, specifically one day in general. Let me give a little background first. If you didn't know before, I am an alum of TCU in Fort Worth, TX. I got my bachelors degree and Masters degree from TCU. When it comes to Football there is a lot of history, but most of it coming from the 30s-50s time period. After that, the football program took a big hit. A LOT of losing and not so much loosing from then till about 10 years ago. About the time when LT showed up on campus, things starting turning around again.

Well now, in 2009, TCU is on the verge of having its BEST season ever...since the National Championship years back in 35 and 38. We are currently 10-0 with 2 games left to play. This past Saturday we played a Utah team that was ranked 15th in the country and who we have had our troubles with in the past. Most recently a 13-10 loss last year in Utah, a game in which we dominated. They went on to put a BEAT DOWN on Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and we had to settle for the Poinsettia Bowl against Donky State...I mean Boise State.

ESPN's College Game Day was on campus for their morning show. My friends and I got up at 530 to head over to campus. We got there around 7am and there were already plenty of people there. Game day went from 9-11. This was a hell of an experience. Every Saturday morning, during Football season, I get up to watch game day before watching all of the days games. So I know, the entire country would be watching. IT WAS AMAZING. I think TCU represented well. Herbstreit, Corso, and Desmond all picked TCU to win the game, with Corso putting on the Superfrog head gear. They all commented on how great the TCU campus looked, how wonderful the city of Fort Worth is, and how they would for sure be making a return trip again. Herbstreit even said on a radio show, that it was definitely one of the top 3 schools they had ever been to! So, HUGE boost to TCU and Fort Worth.

After Game Day, we saw no reason to head back to the house before the 6:30pm game time, so....we began our tailgate. Beer, friends, beer, food, beer, purple jello shots, and more beer!!! At about 5:45 we headed into the stadium. The game had sold out the week before so we knew it would be packed. For a stadium that holds roughly 47-48k, we normally don't fill the place. This is due to a number of things, from our only 8k student population, a city that usually only focuses on the Dallas Cowboys, and the fact that many people living in the DFW area, went to other Texas colleges. So why would they want to come see TCU play, when they really don't know much about the school. Its a small PRIVATE school, that your regular guy wouldn't have a connection to (I don't intend for that to be rude btw). However, I also think the stadium not filling up always has to do with the fact that TCU only has about 60-70k living alum...and they all aren't in DFW or even Texas for that matter. So anyways...all that being said...this game broke the stadium record with 50,307!!! It was packed and very very loud.

From the time the game started, my Horned Frogs completely DOMINATED the Utes. Final score...55-28. I'm actually kind of upset we gave up 28 points. Dalton, Hughes and Associates just tore the Utes a new one! It was a fantastic game, and I am so glad I made the trip up to watch in person. TCU is currently ranked #4 in the BCS. After we get through these next 2 games, we should hopefully find ourselves in a BCS game...and you better believe I will be there.

I can truly say I am proud to be a TCU Horned Frog....I will always be...HORNY 4 LIFE!!!

Go Frogs!!! (pics up on Facebook)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


So what is so special about Twitter? Let me be honest with you, when it first came out I didn't see what the big hype was all about. I mean, seriously, isn't it just constant updates on what you are doing ALL the time? How come I cant just do that using Facebook? Which is why, at first, I did not and refused to ever get on. And then I started hearing people on the Radio...stations, DJ's, Sports figures, Celebs that were all on Twitter. Radio Stations would always refer to Twitter, so I decided to give it a shot. And's not so bad. I have a few friends that I follow on Twitter...yes yes yes, I am on twitter. However, I don't have many followers because most of my friends don't know I even have a twitter page. Hahaha. Most people just follow my updates on Facebook. So, I'm here to tell ya'll (the few people that even read my blog) that you can follow me on Twitter if you so choose. However, saying all that, if you would really like to get to know me...Facebook is where its at!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Live your life in such a way, so that the preacher doesn't have to lie at your funeral"

Ok, so a little background about the title. This past weekend I went to a funeral for my best friends
Aunt. She passed away earlier last week of an apparent heart attack. Because this is my best friend of 23 years, my parents and I went to the funeral down in Port Arthur to support the family. When the pastor was giving his Eulogy, he said something that has stuck with me since. "Live your life in such a way, so that the preacher doesn't have to lie at your funeral" WOW...that may be some of the greatest advice I've heard in awhile. And it's so true. I know when its my time to die, move on, go away...I want people to look at my life and that was a good, decent, caring, respectful person. I hope that all of my friends and family will have nothing but positive things to say about me. And I hope that's the case now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Motivation...or lack thereof.

Seriously, what is my problem? Why am I not motivated anymore? I mean just the simple things of trying to improve myself as a person. Am I still down in the dumps because of what happened over six months ago? I sure as hell hope not. It is time to move on Michael. Time to focus on yourself more. That has to start with self image. There are a couple of things I know I need accomplish to better myself....1. Getting in shape/being healthy and 2. the dreaded CPA exam...I cringe just saying those three letters.

1. Getting in shape/being healthy....I look back to when I first moved off campus after my sophomore year at TCU. Back in HS, I ran track and played basketball all 4 years. I was in GREAT shape back in those days.
Wow...I just took it back a few years...Ok ok..make that 7 years. This was definitely my senior year track picture. Anyways...where was I. Oh yeah...when I went off to college I lived on campus, which meant EASY access to the rec center. So of course, I continued to work out and play basketball on a regular basis. It was when I moved off campus that it all went downhill. Once I left that campus to go home for the day, I sure as hell didn't want to turn around and go work out. It was easy when I was on campus, because I could just walk over there. So yeah...thats when I stopped working out, at least all the time. And then after that, it was just hard to get back into that mindset where working out is actually fun. Well now seven years later...I sure as hell need to find that motivation again. Especially being a single young male in Houston. I need to feel good about myself before I can get the confidence again to go meet some young ladies. I am determined to start eating correctly, and getting in shape. I know I can do it...just got to get off my ass.

2. CPA exam....blah. Being in the Accounting profession, one of the things you need, well should have to further your career is a CPA license. There are 4 sections to this test. I have already taken 2 but didn't do well on either. I have never been great with HUGE tests, especially like this one. Even the SAT, I didnt do as well as I would hope. Being an Honor student, making great grades, I expected to do a lot better than I actually did. So I knew going into the CPA exam it would be a challenge. The first go around I studied with one of my best friends. She helped me stay motivated and kept me on track to study, however I think she went a little too fast for me. She has passed all 4 parts of the exam...ALL on the first try...which if you know anything about this stupid test, is incredible. The National average of passing all 4 sections on the first try is less than 40%. I know what I need to do, its just getting that motivation again to sit down, pull the books back out, and get back to studying as much as possible. And to focus on one exam at a time. I know I can do it...just got to get off my ass.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just for Jen!!!

So I was informed by my wonderful, lovely, very good looking, but married...(blah) friend Jenny that I am horrible at my blog. Whatever, I just have nothing to say...I don't think? Well anyways...I'm back to write...well...something I guess. Anyways...all I know is she better at least leave a comment on here. She isn't even a follower of my blog and she has the nerve to say something to me. She is good looking and my friend, so I guess she gets a pass.

So lets see...what shall I discuss today? Life here in Houston has been going well. Closer to my parents and more of my friends so that has been a plus. I do miss Fort Worth some, even more now since its football season. Does anyone know how to go meet single people. It seems like all my friends are either married now, engaged, or in a serious relationship. I hardly know anybody that is single, male or female. I'm going to have to fix that.

This past weekend I went down to the Kemah Boardwalk with my friend Vanessa. Last year it was basically wiped out because of Hurricane Ike, but they haven since redone it and its looking good again. They have lil shops, rides, and some very tasty restaurants down there right off of the Gulf. We spent a few hours down there and even took a boat ride as well. Lots of fun!

Well that's enough for now....I promise Jen I will get better with this thing. I just need stuff to talk about. Find me a woman!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Things are looking up!

Things have been great ever since I moved back to Houston...well except one thing. Before I moved I started talking to an old friend of mine that I met my freshman year of college. We were really good friends back in the day but when she graduated in 05 she moved to Indiana for grad school. She returned in 07 and we saw each other occasionally at football games. Well this summer we started talking again and hung out a few times before I moved. I didnt really think much of it since we had been friends for so long and really just looked at it as rekindling an old friendship. Well....we have pretty much talked on a daily basis now and even had a date this past weekend. We took a tour of the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington and had lunch. Yeah thats Arlington, she lives in the town I just moved from. Of course that would happen lol. Oh well I guess....nothing really I can do about that. Everything happens for a reason I am told, so just have to go with the flow and see if this goes anywhere or not. Of course I would like it to but we shall see!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Its been awhile....

Wow...didn't realize I hadnt posted in so long. Things are going pretty well on my end. I have enjoyed my time so far here in Houston! It has been great. Ive gotten a chance to see and hang out with many of my old high school friends that I have kept in touch with over the years. Some of my best best friends are here in Houston so it has been a joy to be able to hang out with them on a more regular basis.

I did however make a return trip to Fort Worth last weekend. My best friend Laura tied the knot with her man Danny. The wedding was beautiful and lots of fun. I went up to Fort Worth thursday night so that I could work in the FTW office on Friday. It was good seeing everyone from the office and catching up. I went to lunch with a few people and of course it ended up being and hour and a half. Oh was Friday anyways lol. After work I went over to the TCU Chapel for the rehearsal. It was weird being back on campus for the first time in awhile. The wedding saturday was lots of fun. Laura, of course, looked amazing. Being an usher, part of my job was to be at the back and close the doors to the church after the bridesmaids and flower girl went down the isle. I was able to see Laura before she headed down the isle with her dad. I think she was glad that I was back there, because she had that nervous, not breathing, look on her face. I tried to calm her down a little and get her to breath before opening the doors back up. Not going to lie...I teared up some, seeing my bestfriend get married. Free drinks and food at the reception...well...lets just say a good time was had!!!

Here are a few pictures from the reception...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

1st week in Houston I just completed my first week back in good!!! My parents came up to Fort Worth last week to help me finish packing and loading up the Van and Uhaul. Friday, my best friend Charles came over to help and we got everything cleared out of the apt and cleaned up. As must as I was ready to move to Houston, it was still kind of sad leaving Fort Worth. I had been up there for 7 years, when I left for college. Basically, all of my adult life. I've had a lot of great memories, from TCU games, going out downtown, and just hanging out with great friends that I met over the years. But now I am back in Houston. Saturday was spent moving into the new place and getting set up somewhat. My parents stayed around till about 6 or so, then I went and had dinner with one of my friends, Vanessa (who i mentioned in an earlier post). After dinner, we met up with some more friends and went out and had some drinks!!! Charles and my other friend Kristin stayed the night instead of driving back to their side of town. Sunday morning, my original plan was to get up go to church, then stop by the rents house, however, when I woke up with a splitting headache, I basically laid around ALL day. It wasn't a hang over or anything since I only had beer, but I think it had to do with moving 2 days in a row in 100 degree heat and probably being a little dehydrated and tired. Oh well...I wasn't starting work till Tuesday, so I was able to go out to the parents house on Monday, eat at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants for lunch and hang out for a bit.

Tuesday it was time to go back to work... For obvious reasons I was a bit nervous. Even though I am staying with the same Accounting firm, I was basically starting new, being at a new office with new people. I found an apt literally across the street from my office. I drove the first 2 days, but more than likely I will walk to and from work everyday, unless of course its raining or something like that. Everyone at the office were very nice and welcoming. I think they had been waiting on my arrival because they loaded me up with work right away. Which I have no problem with, since I hadn't been doing much up in Fort Worth the last few weeks.

Overall, I think my decision to move and transfer back to Houston will definitely pay off. I know I will be much happier here and be able to meet some wonderful new friends. I live in a great area of town where there are a lot of young people. My apt complex is very very nice (look for pictures soon once I get everything organized and cleaned up)!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Giving Blood for a Friend....

I don't necessarily want to go into details about what happened, but a little over a month ago a coworker of mine, who happens to be a really good friend as well was severely burned while at her home with her husband and friends. She suffered burns on her neck, arms, chest, and face. She was in ICU for 24 days before finally being released 2 weeks ago. She is now at home with her husband in recovery mode. Her family did set up a blog for her at if you want to check it out. My office wanted to do something for her, so we set up a blood drive. The bus came out and parked in the lot so all of our office and the entire building to go give blood in Sasha's name. I had never given blood before, except at a doctors office, but that's not necessarily the same thing. They take about a pint of blood when you are donating. I was a little nervous going in because I am not particularly fond of needles, but it was for a good cause and a good friend so I couldn't not do it. If you are ever able to give blood or do something for someone, I would highly recommend it. Get well soon Sasha!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on packing...

This update is specifically for my buddy Jenny in case she is reading this. I dont really have much left to do. I have a huge pile of crap that needs to go off to Goodwill. All I really have left is my Kitchen and clothes. I sure could use some help with the kitchen....hmm. But I am almost too the end. Moving sure does suck, but I am so ready to head down to Houston and start new!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Greatest Friends....

I am going to use this post to talk about the friends that mean the most to me. With a little over 25 years of being alive, I have been very fortunate to meet some wonderful people. People I can look to for advice and comfort when needed. I am going to speak a little about each...this could get long lol.

Charles- Well, Charles and I have been best friends since we were 3 years old. Basically 22 years and counting. We are pretty much brothers. Growing up we were always mistaken for twins and that continues to this day. I don't really see the resemblance since I am obviuolsy better looking!!! Back in the day you wouldnt see one of us without the other. It was always Michael and Charles or Charles and Michael. We are alike in many ways. He recently married a few months ago to a wonderful person named Melissa. I know consider her a sister to me. She is great to him and I know they will have many many many happy years together and one of these days have a happy family!!! Charles and I have been there for each other many many times. Especially most recently. Charles and Mel were always there when I needed. I owe them both so much. One of these days, when I find that perfect person for me, we have plans of getting a lake house somewhere where we can bring our families during the summer and on weekends. Will will probably take many family trips of these days!!! Whenever I move back to Houston, it will be the first time in...well...forever that we wont be in the same city. (considering DFW as one city in this case). It will definitely be an adjustment, but with me going traveling up for TCU games and his family all in Houston, I dont see it as much of a problem.

Kristin- My Rene!!! I met Kristin Rene in the 8th grade when we were in the same car pool going to jr high. We instantly became good friends. By the time we got to hs most of our friends were the same and our friendship continued to grow. I would say jr year of hs is when we became pretty much best friends. She has a degree from A&M and will soon be living with her bf of 2 years in Houston. I am glad I will be back in Houston and able to hang out again like old times.

Laura- Laura and I met at TCU when we were both in the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. We had previous classes together but never really talked till she joined Delta Sig. We were both Accounting/Finance majors so the majority of our classes were together. We also were in the same Masters of Accounting program together and studying for the CPA exam. She did much better than I, but I will eventually get to where she is!!! She will be soon be married this Aug to a wonderful guy!!! I have the privaledge to be in her wedding as and Usher.

Vanessa- I call her beautiful, well...because she is. Vanessa is a unique person, but I guess thats why I love her. We have had our differences over the years, most of the time with me getting upset with her over something, but we always seem to put those aside and pick up where we left off! I will probably be seeing A LOT more of her once I am back in Houston.

Valerie- Oh Val...I owe a lot to Val. Because of her I had the happiest 4 years of my life. I know that someday I will find happiness again, but I can truely say I have been the happiest these last 4 years. I met Val the summer of 2004 at a YMCA summer camp. The both of us were Camp Counselors. This was an experience. We were outside in the Houston heat all day every day with little kids. She had a bunch of 6 year old girls and I had 10 7 year old boys. We became instant friends during this and even more so after the summer. She went to UH, and I think we talked daily. During this time I met her then roommate who eventually became my gf for 4 years. Val was there in the beginning and here now. She has had to listen to me complain and complain and all that great stuff these last 4 months and I appreciate it more than anything. She has a wonderful husband who she has been with for about....FOREVER!!! Her and her man Tony, seem to be the cutest happiest couple I have ever seen. Hopefully when I get down to Houston we will be able to all hang out sometimes. Their relationship is what I am hoping to have someday. Val is also my inspiration for starting my own blog on here!!! Her blog Next to Heaven is great...Check it out if you get time. Val is the one in pink!!! This picture is from the YMCA Camp days!!!

There are many other really close friends that mean the world to me, but it would take awhile to write something about them all. I will add later lol

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I have no motivation to actually pack. I need help. Anybody willing??? C'mon...I know you are out there somewhere.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


As I have said before, I am soon to be moving back to Houston. That time is coming sooner and sooner. I have a month and a half left here in Fort Worth. I will surely miss it here. But it has been 7 years since I left Houston to start college, and now it is time to return back. I found a really nice apartment literally across the street from where I will be working. Even though I am going back to where I grew up, I feel like this will be a new start for me. I have met a lot of great people up here in Fort Worth, most from TCU. My goal is to keep in close contact with most. I have always been pretty good at doing that with all my friends, so I don't think it will be much of a problem. I plan on returning many times during football season to attend TCU games!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Favorite Sports teams!!!

Time to talk about my favorite sports teams and why...these are in no particular order.

1. TCU- Well...its the school I got my undergrad and masters from. So I have to like them of course. Since 2002 when I stepped on campus, I think I have only missed 1 or 2 home games. I have confidence that we will make it into a BCS game soon, and I WILL be there!!! We have a GREAT coach and an unbelivable Defense every year. Some of footballs greats have come through TCU. Slingin Sammy Baugh, one of the first throwing QB's in the NFL. He was in the first Hall of Fame class as well. Davey O'brien, the award for best college quarterback is named after him. Enough said. Bob Lilly, member of the Ring of Fame for the Cowboys. And of course, my favorite player, LaDanian Tomlinson. One of if not the best running back in the NFL today.

2. Nebraska- This is where I was born. I was only in Nebraska for 6 months before my dad got transfered to Houston, but most of my family still lives here. My dad is an alum of Nebraska, so I grew up watching Nebraska football. This is where I originally wanted to go to school, till I finally decided on TCU. There is so much tradition in Nebraska football. 5 National Championships, and I was fortunate to be around 3 of them. My favorite number is 15 because of my favorite all time player Tommie Frazier. GO BIG RED!!!

3. Houston Sports
a) Rockets- 2 time World Champions, Hakeem the Dream, Yao Ming, Clyde Drexler....thats all.
b) Astros- Always entertaining even though they arent so hot right now. My favorite baseball player ever Jeff Bagwell, the other killer B Craig Biggio, Berkman
c) Texans- This is their me!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Starting New!!!

Well...I figured I would give this a shot. With the way my life has kind of changed in the last 6 weeks, it is time to start new and try new things. One of my close friends has a blog on here and I try to read it daily. I figured...why not have my own. Whether people read it or not, it is good to get my thoughts down on paper, well computer, but you get what I mean. I don't really want to get into why my life changed because I have talked about that enough. The past is the past and its time to move on and think about what lies ahead of me. I will be soon transfering down to our Houston office to be closer to my parents and my friends. I am a strong believer in keeping many close friends, all with different opionions and beliefs. Whether I listen to everyones advice or not, having different thoughts and perspectives about things, I believe makes you a better person. I have my own beliefs about things that I will always follow, but just knowing how others think and do things helps as well.

I am really excited but at the same time a little nervous about moving back to Houston. Houston is where I grew up. It is where I spent 18 years of my life before coming to Fort Worth for college. Don't get me wrong, I love living in Fort Worth. Its small, I dont have to worry much about traffic since I live so close to downtown, but I still think its time for Houston again. And to be honest with you...I am just sick and tired of hearing about the Mavericks. I HATE the Mavs and thats all they talk about up here. They have never won anything and they act like they own the league. They act like they are the best thing ever. What have you done Mavs? You went to the finals, had a comanding lead, and jacked by my boy DWade!!! lol. I still can't stop laughing. The Cowboys don't bother me that much, since I have always been somewhat of a Cowboys fan. However, I have season tickets to the Texans (I know what your thinking) and driving back and forth like I did last year kind of sucks. But anyways, I am moving back to Houston. I will probably live somewhere inside the loop which wont be too far from my job. Right now up here in Fort Worth, I drive 5-10 mins, 15 mins when its traffic, to get to work.

Well...that is about it for now.