Sunday, November 21, 2010

AMA Awards

OK, this is a pointless post but just have to say it. 2 performances that I have seen have featured one of my all time favorite hot celebs and the other an up and comer on my list of hot celebs.

1st. My true love...Christina Aguilera!!! Her voice makes her even hotter!
And a new person on my list lately...Katy Perry (too bad she is married to an ugly, un-funny guy) Whatever...everyone makes mistakes.

That is all!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to the real world...

A lot has happened since my last post. And most of it, if not all, is non good news. Oh well, I guess everyone has tough times in their lives. A quick one sentence summary before I get into detail...I am unemployed.

So lets start...About two weeks ago I get called into my boss's office and the HR director is in their as well. Now, anytime the HR director is in the room, its more than likely not good. They proceed to tell me that my "STYLE" of how I work is not a fit for how the firm is going. Um...what? I don't even know what that means. I was in shell shock, so I was unable at the time to ask any follow up questions. They tell me that I will have two weeks to look for a new job, and then at that point I'd be let go. At this time they say it is not performance and that, if needed, she would give me a recommendation...(more on that later). They say that normally I would be let go at that point, but since I have been around for awhile, that they would give me that 2 weeks to job search...Gee thanks. At this point, I leave, talk to family, close friends, and even a few close coworkers from the Fort Worth office (I transferred from the FTW office to Houston summer of 2009).

Fast forward 1 week, and I get a call from the HR director. She wanted to check on me and my job search. No problem there, she said she would do that. After though, she asks me if I told people in Fort Worth about being fired...which I said yes. I guess they had a problem with that. She said I was not being fired and that she assumed that I knew this was a confidential thing. Um I cant tell people that I'm being let go. And being terminated=firing. Idiots. So, I've had my last day, just walked out of there without saying bye to anyone. Why should I since in those last 2 weeks not one manager even spoke to me. I get no severance or anything...basically just screwed by the company where I first started working out of college.

So, my thoughts on this whole situation.
1. Them getting upset that I talked to Fort Worth people had nothing to do with the fact they were in the Fort Worth office and not Houston. I spoke with someone in Fort Worth because the person I told, I consider a mentor and a close friend outside of work. At that time our Houston Partner (my boss) was in the Fort Worth office. Since the Fort Worth office liked me so much, I think she was a little embarrassed that she was getting rid of me and they were probably questioning it. Made her upset. GET OVER IT.
2. When I transferred from Fort Worth to Houston, I had the blessing of the head of the Tax Department for the ENTIRE firm. So, the Houston office, probably couldn't say no to the transfer if they wanted to. The entire time in Houston, I never felt like I was accepted. Like I was an outsider (which I was). When it came time to having to get rid of someone, who better, than the person they never hired in the first place. I know I wasn't the best there, but I damn sure wasn't the worst. It was easy for me to be the one to get fired..excuse me, I mean terminated.

So, now I'm home, job searching. I am hoping and praying that I can find something soon. I am going to use this time to leave public accounting and possibly get more money. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. But still...kind of a crappy situation. Oh well...we shall see what happens.

Welcome to the real world...