Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A time to be Thankful!!!

Its that time of the year when you sit back and think about all the things you are Thankful for. After this roller coaster of a year, I just want to say one thing...I am SO Thankful for ALL of my family, friends, and TCU Horned Frog Football!!! This year more than others, they have been a huge part of my life and I am grateful for all of them.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of the BEST football days far that is!!!

Ok seriously...I need to stop taking so long between posts.

Anyways, I need to describe this past weekend. Well, specifically one day in general. Let me give a little background first. If you didn't know before, I am an alum of TCU in Fort Worth, TX. I got my bachelors degree and Masters degree from TCU. When it comes to Football there is a lot of history, but most of it coming from the 30s-50s time period. After that, the football program took a big hit. A LOT of losing and not so much loosing from then till about 10 years ago. About the time when LT showed up on campus, things starting turning around again.

Well now, in 2009, TCU is on the verge of having its BEST season ever...since the National Championship years back in 35 and 38. We are currently 10-0 with 2 games left to play. This past Saturday we played a Utah team that was ranked 15th in the country and who we have had our troubles with in the past. Most recently a 13-10 loss last year in Utah, a game in which we dominated. They went on to put a BEAT DOWN on Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and we had to settle for the Poinsettia Bowl against Donky State...I mean Boise State.

ESPN's College Game Day was on campus for their morning show. My friends and I got up at 530 to head over to campus. We got there around 7am and there were already plenty of people there. Game day went from 9-11. This was a hell of an experience. Every Saturday morning, during Football season, I get up to watch game day before watching all of the days games. So I know, the entire country would be watching. IT WAS AMAZING. I think TCU represented well. Herbstreit, Corso, and Desmond all picked TCU to win the game, with Corso putting on the Superfrog head gear. They all commented on how great the TCU campus looked, how wonderful the city of Fort Worth is, and how they would for sure be making a return trip again. Herbstreit even said on a radio show, that it was definitely one of the top 3 schools they had ever been to! So, HUGE boost to TCU and Fort Worth.

After Game Day, we saw no reason to head back to the house before the 6:30pm game time, so....we began our tailgate. Beer, friends, beer, food, beer, purple jello shots, and more beer!!! At about 5:45 we headed into the stadium. The game had sold out the week before so we knew it would be packed. For a stadium that holds roughly 47-48k, we normally don't fill the place. This is due to a number of things, from our only 8k student population, a city that usually only focuses on the Dallas Cowboys, and the fact that many people living in the DFW area, went to other Texas colleges. So why would they want to come see TCU play, when they really don't know much about the school. Its a small PRIVATE school, that your regular guy wouldn't have a connection to (I don't intend for that to be rude btw). However, I also think the stadium not filling up always has to do with the fact that TCU only has about 60-70k living alum...and they all aren't in DFW or even Texas for that matter. So anyways...all that being said...this game broke the stadium record with 50,307!!! It was packed and very very loud.

From the time the game started, my Horned Frogs completely DOMINATED the Utes. Final score...55-28. I'm actually kind of upset we gave up 28 points. Dalton, Hughes and Associates just tore the Utes a new one! It was a fantastic game, and I am so glad I made the trip up to watch in person. TCU is currently ranked #4 in the BCS. After we get through these next 2 games, we should hopefully find ourselves in a BCS game...and you better believe I will be there.

I can truly say I am proud to be a TCU Horned Frog....I will always be...HORNY 4 LIFE!!!

Go Frogs!!! (pics up on Facebook)