Saturday, May 30, 2009


As I have said before, I am soon to be moving back to Houston. That time is coming sooner and sooner. I have a month and a half left here in Fort Worth. I will surely miss it here. But it has been 7 years since I left Houston to start college, and now it is time to return back. I found a really nice apartment literally across the street from where I will be working. Even though I am going back to where I grew up, I feel like this will be a new start for me. I have met a lot of great people up here in Fort Worth, most from TCU. My goal is to keep in close contact with most. I have always been pretty good at doing that with all my friends, so I don't think it will be much of a problem. I plan on returning many times during football season to attend TCU games!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Favorite Sports teams!!!

Time to talk about my favorite sports teams and why...these are in no particular order.

1. TCU- Well...its the school I got my undergrad and masters from. So I have to like them of course. Since 2002 when I stepped on campus, I think I have only missed 1 or 2 home games. I have confidence that we will make it into a BCS game soon, and I WILL be there!!! We have a GREAT coach and an unbelivable Defense every year. Some of footballs greats have come through TCU. Slingin Sammy Baugh, one of the first throwing QB's in the NFL. He was in the first Hall of Fame class as well. Davey O'brien, the award for best college quarterback is named after him. Enough said. Bob Lilly, member of the Ring of Fame for the Cowboys. And of course, my favorite player, LaDanian Tomlinson. One of if not the best running back in the NFL today.

2. Nebraska- This is where I was born. I was only in Nebraska for 6 months before my dad got transfered to Houston, but most of my family still lives here. My dad is an alum of Nebraska, so I grew up watching Nebraska football. This is where I originally wanted to go to school, till I finally decided on TCU. There is so much tradition in Nebraska football. 5 National Championships, and I was fortunate to be around 3 of them. My favorite number is 15 because of my favorite all time player Tommie Frazier. GO BIG RED!!!

3. Houston Sports
a) Rockets- 2 time World Champions, Hakeem the Dream, Yao Ming, Clyde Drexler....thats all.
b) Astros- Always entertaining even though they arent so hot right now. My favorite baseball player ever Jeff Bagwell, the other killer B Craig Biggio, Berkman
c) Texans- This is their me!!!