Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm starting to really DISLIKE weddings....

Ok, so its bad enough that all my friends are either already married, engaged, or in serious relationships. Especially when, if things had gone to plan, I'd be planning a wedding right now. But whatever, everything happens for a reason I'm told... I have two weddings to go to this month alone. One from a good friend of mine from HS, and another a girl that I worked with back in the Fort Worth office, who is also a really good friend of mine outside of work. The date I had for the second wedding just canceled on me because she has to go to her brothers And the date for the first wedding, wont even confirm if she is going or not. I mean seriously...can I get some good luck please. I need 2010 to come fast.

2009 sucks.... Just in the past year alone, I have been to 3 weddings and have been invited to 5. I was in 2 of being my best friend of 23 years (I was the best man), the other being one of my best lady friends who I met at TCU (I was an usher). 2 of the weddings I couldn't attend because one was the same day and time as another and the other one...I just didn't really want to go. The first one I went to was a girl I have known since kindergarten. It was a tough one to attend, because at one point I had always thought me and her would eventually be together. The good thing, at that point, was that I had the love of my life sitting next to me. (how times have changed). So to sum up...5 weddings. 1 best friend, 3 girls that at one point had a lil thing for, and the other just a friend.