Saturday, July 18, 2009

1st week in Houston I just completed my first week back in good!!! My parents came up to Fort Worth last week to help me finish packing and loading up the Van and Uhaul. Friday, my best friend Charles came over to help and we got everything cleared out of the apt and cleaned up. As must as I was ready to move to Houston, it was still kind of sad leaving Fort Worth. I had been up there for 7 years, when I left for college. Basically, all of my adult life. I've had a lot of great memories, from TCU games, going out downtown, and just hanging out with great friends that I met over the years. But now I am back in Houston. Saturday was spent moving into the new place and getting set up somewhat. My parents stayed around till about 6 or so, then I went and had dinner with one of my friends, Vanessa (who i mentioned in an earlier post). After dinner, we met up with some more friends and went out and had some drinks!!! Charles and my other friend Kristin stayed the night instead of driving back to their side of town. Sunday morning, my original plan was to get up go to church, then stop by the rents house, however, when I woke up with a splitting headache, I basically laid around ALL day. It wasn't a hang over or anything since I only had beer, but I think it had to do with moving 2 days in a row in 100 degree heat and probably being a little dehydrated and tired. Oh well...I wasn't starting work till Tuesday, so I was able to go out to the parents house on Monday, eat at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants for lunch and hang out for a bit.

Tuesday it was time to go back to work... For obvious reasons I was a bit nervous. Even though I am staying with the same Accounting firm, I was basically starting new, being at a new office with new people. I found an apt literally across the street from my office. I drove the first 2 days, but more than likely I will walk to and from work everyday, unless of course its raining or something like that. Everyone at the office were very nice and welcoming. I think they had been waiting on my arrival because they loaded me up with work right away. Which I have no problem with, since I hadn't been doing much up in Fort Worth the last few weeks.

Overall, I think my decision to move and transfer back to Houston will definitely pay off. I know I will be much happier here and be able to meet some wonderful new friends. I live in a great area of town where there are a lot of young people. My apt complex is very very nice (look for pictures soon once I get everything organized and cleaned up)!!!