Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on packing...

This update is specifically for my buddy Jenny in case she is reading this. I dont really have much left to do. I have a huge pile of crap that needs to go off to Goodwill. All I really have left is my Kitchen and clothes. I sure could use some help with the kitchen....hmm. But I am almost too the end. Moving sure does suck, but I am so ready to head down to Houston and start new!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Greatest Friends....

I am going to use this post to talk about the friends that mean the most to me. With a little over 25 years of being alive, I have been very fortunate to meet some wonderful people. People I can look to for advice and comfort when needed. I am going to speak a little about each...this could get long lol.

Charles- Well, Charles and I have been best friends since we were 3 years old. Basically 22 years and counting. We are pretty much brothers. Growing up we were always mistaken for twins and that continues to this day. I don't really see the resemblance since I am obviuolsy better looking!!! Back in the day you wouldnt see one of us without the other. It was always Michael and Charles or Charles and Michael. We are alike in many ways. He recently married a few months ago to a wonderful person named Melissa. I know consider her a sister to me. She is great to him and I know they will have many many many happy years together and one of these days have a happy family!!! Charles and I have been there for each other many many times. Especially most recently. Charles and Mel were always there when I needed. I owe them both so much. One of these days, when I find that perfect person for me, we have plans of getting a lake house somewhere where we can bring our families during the summer and on weekends. Will will probably take many family trips of these days!!! Whenever I move back to Houston, it will be the first time in...well...forever that we wont be in the same city. (considering DFW as one city in this case). It will definitely be an adjustment, but with me going traveling up for TCU games and his family all in Houston, I dont see it as much of a problem.

Kristin- My Rene!!! I met Kristin Rene in the 8th grade when we were in the same car pool going to jr high. We instantly became good friends. By the time we got to hs most of our friends were the same and our friendship continued to grow. I would say jr year of hs is when we became pretty much best friends. She has a degree from A&M and will soon be living with her bf of 2 years in Houston. I am glad I will be back in Houston and able to hang out again like old times.

Laura- Laura and I met at TCU when we were both in the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. We had previous classes together but never really talked till she joined Delta Sig. We were both Accounting/Finance majors so the majority of our classes were together. We also were in the same Masters of Accounting program together and studying for the CPA exam. She did much better than I, but I will eventually get to where she is!!! She will be soon be married this Aug to a wonderful guy!!! I have the privaledge to be in her wedding as and Usher.

Vanessa- I call her beautiful, well...because she is. Vanessa is a unique person, but I guess thats why I love her. We have had our differences over the years, most of the time with me getting upset with her over something, but we always seem to put those aside and pick up where we left off! I will probably be seeing A LOT more of her once I am back in Houston.

Valerie- Oh Val...I owe a lot to Val. Because of her I had the happiest 4 years of my life. I know that someday I will find happiness again, but I can truely say I have been the happiest these last 4 years. I met Val the summer of 2004 at a YMCA summer camp. The both of us were Camp Counselors. This was an experience. We were outside in the Houston heat all day every day with little kids. She had a bunch of 6 year old girls and I had 10 7 year old boys. We became instant friends during this and even more so after the summer. She went to UH, and I think we talked daily. During this time I met her then roommate who eventually became my gf for 4 years. Val was there in the beginning and here now. She has had to listen to me complain and complain and all that great stuff these last 4 months and I appreciate it more than anything. She has a wonderful husband who she has been with for about....FOREVER!!! Her and her man Tony, seem to be the cutest happiest couple I have ever seen. Hopefully when I get down to Houston we will be able to all hang out sometimes. Their relationship is what I am hoping to have someday. Val is also my inspiration for starting my own blog on here!!! Her blog Next to Heaven is great...Check it out if you get time. Val is the one in pink!!! This picture is from the YMCA Camp days!!!

There are many other really close friends that mean the world to me, but it would take awhile to write something about them all. I will add later lol

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I have no motivation to actually pack. I need help. Anybody willing??? C'mon...I know you are out there somewhere.